Friday, February 13, 2009

Lydia's Memorial Video

Here is the photo slideshow we made to celebrate Lydia's life. Enjoy!

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Photo Slideshow

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Ringing of the Bell

This bell is a meaningful bell, you see it represents generations of medical care (mostly by my mom).

I first remember my mother giving this bell to my grandmother Cavallaro as she endured breast cancer. My mother would work around the house and this bell was used to call my mother when my grandmother was in need. Grandma would ring it and my mother would come running, sometime from the farthest corner of the house or even outside, to attend to her. This bell was passed on to all of my grandparents one by one my mother cared for them in their hour of need. And later it was passed to my dad to use for his struggle with cancer.

As a child I heard the bell ring and I would watch as my mother would run to the aid of the bell ringer with undying care and service. Day or night, night or day, my mother was unwavering in her care. What an example she was for me.

And as of late, we put the bell back in service for her to use in her fight with cancer. And having learned by example I now would run when I heard the bell ring; and now I would attend to her needs. As she fought the fight each day, when the chemo and cancer would rob her of her strength, and her voice was not strong enough to call, I would hear the bell and knew she needed me.

Well the bell is silent now; her fight is over and the victory won. And she now rests in the arms of God.

It’s been told that when a firefighter is lost in the line of duty, that at their funeral they would ring the firehouse bell to signify that the firefighter has returned home. And in the movie Its' a Wonderful Life we were told that when we hear a bell ring it would signify that an angel has received their wings.

Today this bell is silent to the suffering and sickness and afflictions of earth, today... Today we ring this bell one last time to signify that Lydia Cavallaro's soul has returned home... and today this ANGEL has received her wings.

Love you Mom.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lydia Cavallaro

Born: May 2, 1930 in Warren, Ohio
Married: August 27, 1949
Died: February 6, 2009

She has been a faithful member and deaconess of the Church of Jesus Christ since April 24, 1950.

She is proceeded in death by:
Husband — Alex Cavallaro, Jr.
Son — Alvin Cavallaro

She is survived by:
Her Daughter — Lucy DeCaro and her husband, Anthony DeCaro
Her Granddaughter — Andrea DeCaro and her husband, Christopher DeCaro
Her Grandson — Aaron Cavallaro and his wife, Mary Cavallaro
Her Great Grandsons — Aiden and Hunter Cavallaro


Sunday: Visitation at Webb Sanders Funeral Home on Sunday 2:00–6:00 PM.

Monday: Service will be Monday at 11:00 AM at the Church. Luncheon immediately following the service.

Tuesday: Burial will be Tuesday at 10:00 AM at the Lindsay/Strathmore Cemetery.


The Church of Jesus Christ
574 N. Elmwood
Lindsay, CA 93247


Lindsay United Methodist
120 N. Gale Hill Ave.
Lindsay, CA 93247